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My fancy world

My fancy world

this blog will allow you to travel in an imaginary world, living moments of fantasy, to awaken your artistic instinct, enjoy the moment.....


Publié par sofiewawa sur 8 Septembre 2011, 15:14pm

Catégories : #Music



     Adele, a young british wonderful singer with a strong and an amazing voice, is one of my favorite artist....!  her songs are so beautiful and honest, you fall in love with her music the first second you listen to it , she gives you a special experience  an  you can  easily enter her world through her songs, any one can relate to the words,this is why she became so successful, she won her first grammy for her first album "19":


Adele 19


                                                       and her latest album "21" made a huge success..............


Adele 21Cov


                ...................touching all the broken hearts, so emotional and real,i recommend you to listen to both albums , it is a beautiful ride!! and i guarantee, it is worth listening to!!!!


my favorite songs from the second one are:

* rolling in the deep

* set fire to the rain

* turning tables

* one and only

*love song


and my  all time favorite one is "Someone like you", which she performed it at the VMAs this year........an amazing performance!




here is the video:




Good Luck

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