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My fancy world

My fancy world

this blog will allow you to travel in an imaginary world, living moments of fantasy, to awaken your artistic instinct, enjoy the moment.....

Beyonce "Run The World (girls)"

Publié par sofiewawa sur 9 Août 2011, 00:45am

Catégories : #Music




 The single "Run The World (girls)"  of the latest album of Beyoncé "4" is a work of art, i never listen to anything like it so far, i am in love with this song , the sound is so original, it is a perfect dance song, and that amazing beat, it definitely takes you back to Africa, the choreography  fits perfectly with the song, and the costumes............oh boy, i love them all, i like it because it is about empowering women, women's revolution......taking control, i can...i definitely relate to this song in every way.....


this is the music video of the song


Beyonce performed this song at the Billboard Music Awards, she did an amazing job, she absolutely rocked the stage, you should see this one , it definitely was and still one of my favorits....... this performance proves that she still is in the top of here game....an icon......women definitely run the world!!


beyonce at the billboard awards 2011


here is the video.......enjoy!

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