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My fancy world

My fancy world

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"Breaking Dawn Part 1" soundtrack list revealed!!

Publié par sofiewawa sur 27 Septembre 2011, 09:43am

Catégories : #Twilight Zone

Soundtrack Cover 

 They finally revealed the list of artists participating in the much awaited  soundtrack, i think they chose a different variaty of singers, with different styles which is amazing, i didnt know most of them, which is the same think as the other soundtracks, they picked excellent artists and they ended up perfect for the movie and making a huge success, i am sure they did the right choice, the list includes my favorite music makers & singers,  which is a good sign: Christina Perri, Bruno Mars, Iron & Wine, Carter Burwell.............i think it will be a fantastic soundtrack, which will add a lot  to the movie..............i'm looking forward to hear it!


to see the full size of this photo go to this link: "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"


let me know what do you thins of it!...............waiting for your comments.!!


                                                                                                Good Luck!

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