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My fancy world

My fancy world

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Kristen Stewart in Marcus Foster's Music video,"I Was Broken"

Publié par sofiewawa sur 3 Septembre 2011, 21:13pm

Catégories : #Music



  Kristen stewart appeared in Marcus Foster's  music video "I Was Broken", the song is amazing, so raw and emotional,  and  what makes it so great is the simplicity of it, i've always loved black & white clips,  anyone can connect to this real and beautiful lyrics,  so wonderful, it really takes you to a different place for a moment and makes you think about ...........life!


 Kristen was so perfect for this video, she was so natural and convincing, she did nothing but her eyes said so many things...!!, it was really a great performance, it proves that she is a good actress, i love it!


here some captures that i like:




 For more photo captures go to this Link: "I Was Broken" Kristen's video Captures


Here is  the music video:



                                                                                                 Good Luck!



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