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My fancy world

My fancy world

this blog will allow you to travel in an imaginary world, living moments of fantasy, to awaken your artistic instinct, enjoy the moment.....

Myriam faris

Publié par sofiewawa sur 27 Juin 2011, 20:34pm

Catégories : #STARS

myriam faris 
myriam faris
par sofiewawa


  A beautiful arabic singer, 28 years old,who i became one of her big fans, she  is a very talented singer, she's unique in her style, she has this catchy look,with a naturel beauty,  and a sweet big great voice which i like to hear veru much.


  her songs are so different than the other songs in her category, she knows how to choose and mix different traditionnel oriental pop sounds, the mixes are so well done.she caught our attention, every time, with her sexy dance moves, in her amazing videos,apparences and concerts, she is professionnel artist, and i admire her for that.


see her videos here: www.youtube.com/myriamfarisofficial







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