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My fancy world

My fancy world

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The Hottest VMAs Best Dresses

Publié par sofiewawa sur 29 Août 2011, 20:15pm

Catégories : #Fashion & Style

Katy Perry


These are the dresses that i liked the most at the VMAs 2011


N° 01 : Katy Perry


 katy Perry was so hot and sexy in that japanese dress  so fantastic, colorful and chic in a funny way, i love it , i mean that whole look is amazing, the hair, the make up, the umbrella, so inspiring,i've always loved those kind of dresses!


Katy Perry


 N° 2: beyoncé


 Beyonce looked wonderful in that dress, and what makes it really special is that cute little belly, yes she is pregnant, and she seemed very happy, i love the dress, specially the color, and with those accessory ...............makes it perfect!






N° 3: Selena gomez


Selena Gomez looked so hot and elegant in this black dress, i love it, so beautiful and sexy, with the right accessory, the gold  & the black the perfect color match,  well done  selena!

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez


N° 4 : britney spears


 i love this  mini sparkling black dress, i've always admired this king of dresses,so comfortable to wear,   and she looks so fresh and ....shiny ! i think it is the perfect dress for this event, she's always been so unic on her dress choices, you never expect what she will wear!


britney spears



i spent a long time figuring out this dress , i mean so much details an colors, it's definitly the weird dress of the night, i really don't know how to describ it ??!!!

nicki minaj


N°5: keely rowland

keely rowland



N°6: Kim kardashian


kim kardashian

For more photos go to this Link: The Hottest VMAs Best Dresses The Hottest VMAs Best Dresses

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