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My fancy world

My fancy world

this blog will allow you to travel in an imaginary world, living moments of fantasy, to awaken your artistic instinct, enjoy the moment.....

The voice Season 2 : Better than ever!

Publié par sofiewawa sur 7 Février 2012, 18:22pm

Catégories : #Music

the voice S02

Yes!...my favorite show is back, breaking records,37.6 Million viewers on its debut night !

the voice S02


 The blind auditions; my favorite part, are on!...and i can assure you that the competition between the caoches is intense,   the level of the contestant's talent is higher & their voices are  more vary & more beautiful, and it is getting better & better...


the voice S02


The commercial video; the combat between the coaches ,...is hilarious....take a look!



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