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My fancy world

My fancy world

this blog will allow you to travel in an imaginary world, living moments of fantasy, to awaken your artistic instinct, enjoy the moment.....

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  • "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt2" Teaser trailer

    27 mars 2012 ( #Twilight Zone )

    The New clip form the final instalment of the twilight series BD Pt 2 is finaly released, the teaser trailer was short... less than 1 min, honestly i expected it to be longer than that , i mean at least 1:30 min ... but these images show that this one...

  • Myriam Fares " Oh Youmah"

    21 mars 2012 ( #Music )

    It's a beautiful simple emotional music video, you can't criticize it or even give your opinion about the technical aspect of it , you just enjoy the story toled through this clip. seen these beautiful faces of broken hearted women is really hurtful,...

  • The voice S02 The Battle rounds: Anthony Evans Vs Jesse Campbell "If I Ain't Got You"

    10 mars 2012 ( #Music )

    It was the best epic performance of the night, the level of talent that they have is amazing..! they did an incredible job, i was blown away, i watched it several times, & i still admire the two of them ....what was so cool is what jesse did with the...

  • Grammy awards 2012 Fashion: Best dresses

    14 février 2012 ( #Fashion & Style )

    I loved the dress on her , the color is so soft and the cut is glamorous, it suits her beautiful body! Rihanna rocks this blach Giorgio Armani dress, she looks so sexy, and her curves makes the dress even more gorgeous! Glowing like a princess, taylor...

  • The voice Season 2 : Better than ever!

    07 février 2012 ( #Music )

    Yes!...my favorite show is back, breaking records,37.6 Million viewers on its debut night ! The blind auditions; my favorite part, are on!...and i can assure you that the competition between the caoches is intense, the level of the contestant's talent...

  • Golden Globes 2012 Fashion: My Favorite dresses

    01 février 2012 ( #Fashion & Style )

    N°:01 Angelina Jolie She looked amazing in that dress, simple but yet elegant.......... N°: 02 Selma hayek i love the dress, the sparkly metallic golden does perfectly with the black & the hair color looked smashing....! N°: 03 This dress Looks so chic...

  • Myriam Fares "Al Gasayed"

    17 décembre 2011 ( #Music )

    Myriam fares the Lebanese singer known for her unique style, just released her latest music video « Al Gasayed » , the video was critiqued before its release based on random photos taken while shooting it, which is completely none sense I find it really...

  • Britney Spears The Femme Fatale Tour Preview

    14 décembre 2011 ( #STARS )

    Yes Britney did it again making a huge success with her latest massive tour, which is now available on DVD The Femme Fatale Tour is the seventh concert tour by Britney Spears , in support of her seventh studio album, "Femme Fatale ", although she included...

  • Angelina Jolie "In The Land Of Blood And Honey"

    08 décembre 2011 ( #Movies )

    The most beautiful actress in the world & the highest paid one, our dear Angelina Jolie, Took another direction in her career & tried to do other different things, she just wrote & directed a film for the first time about a very serious topic & she doesn’t...

  • "The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1" Trailer Songs

    05 décembre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    These songs are from the trailer of "Breaking Dawn pt1", i love this kind of music, so beautiful & powerful, i listen to them all them time, it gives that energy & meaning of what it expresses & takes the video to a high level, i think.....Enjoy!

  • "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part1" The Movie Preview

    28 novembre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    Our favorite vampire-romance movie series has proven to be a monster force at the box office . In its opening weekend, “ The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 » , grossed a whopping $139.5 million in North America, one of the biggest opening weekends...

  • "Princess of China" Coldplay & Rihanna

    21 novembre 2011 ( #Music )

    i love the song , i didn't expect a collaboration between the two stars, they have completly different styles and kind of music, but it turned out very well, they created a very unic sound, so beautiful, and rihanna added to the song an amazing twist...

  • "Breaking Dawn Part1" Stills from EW Magazine!

    18 novembre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    This is it , the magic moment, the Kiss between Edward & Bella,.................so beautiful! Today, At Midnight , the release of BD Pt1! Finally!! More amazing stills were released by EW........Enjoy! To see more Stills go to this Gallery Photos: "The...

  • The Stars Of The Twilight Saga On the Cover of EW magazine

    18 novembre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    The three stars looked amazing on the cover of EW magazine , i loved the photos, so beautiful, this is the best photoshoot yet ,i hope you ill like it as much as i do, these are some scans from the Magazine! To see more Scans go to this gallery Link:...

  • "Snow White & The Huntsman" Trailer Preview

    11 novembre 2011 ( #Movies )

    This trailer of "Snow White & the Huntsman" surpass all my expectations , i didn't expect to see this different new version of the old famous fairytale, i was surprised and amazed by this genius idea, mixing horror action & romance with special effects;...

  • Allison Harvard "Underwater" Music Video

    09 novembre 2011 ( #Fashion & Style )

    This Allison is so F**ing weird-cool-amazing, she is so freaking beautiful in a strange way, she is like a cartoon manga caracter, she is one of the models in " Americas Next Top Model All Stars" and for the previous episode, every model was asked to...

  • "A Thousand Years" Official Music Video!

    29 octobre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    The Music Video of "A Thousand Years " song was finally released, It is wonderful how beautiful videos are created from simple things, i love the concept of it , it was so magical here some screen captures from the video here is the music video...................................

  • New "Breaking Dawn Part 1" TV Spot Sneak Peak+ Behind the scenes

    20 octobre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    To keep the excitement going, this is a New clip from the Twilight Saga BD Part 1 , new wedding scenes which looks beautiful, obviously the whole ceremony will be a magical moment, they really created this memorable scenes that let us, us girls, dream...

  • Christina perri "A Thousand Years" From The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

    18 octobre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    Christina perri's song " A Thousand Years" is so wonderful & amazing, it is from "T he Breaking Dawn Part1 Soundtrack", i was waiting for this one for a long time, i have no words to descrid it , it is emotional romantic and perfect for this movie, it's...

  • New HQ "Breaking Dawn Part 1" Stills!

    18 octobre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    Check out these beautiful new stills from "Breaking Dawn Part1" from People Magazine , i can't wait to see the wedding and the honeymoon, it looks amazing!!! To see the full size and other Pics of "Breaking Dawn Part1" go to this Gallery link: "The Twilight...

  • New "Breaking Dawn Part 1" Clip+1st Look from behind the scenes

    15 octobre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    It is definitely getting more and more exciting , and we dont have to wait for a long time, just 32 days until the release of the much awaited movie "Breaking Dawn Part 1", they showed a new clip from the movie,as always, it was awesome, few moments between...

  • Bruno Mars "It Will Rain" from the Twilight Saga Soundtrack

    28 septembre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    Bruno Mars par sofiewawa Have a little taste from the new up coming "Breaking Dawn Part 1" motion picture soundtrack , the song " It Will Rain" by the talented "Bruno Mars" was released today , the song is a piece of art, marvellous, magical and wonderful,...

  • "Breaking Dawn Part 1" soundtrack list revealed!!

    27 septembre 2011 ( #Twilight Zone )

    They finally revealed the list of artists participating in the much awaited soundtrack, i think they chose a different variaty of singers, with different styles which is amazing, i didnt know most of them, which is the same think as the other soundtracks,...

  • Florence & The Machine "shake It Out" New Single

    21 septembre 2011 ( #Music )

    i've just listened to the new single "shake it out" by my favorite singer Florence & her groupe the machine from the new up coming album "Ceremonials" , the woman is a genius, the song is so beautiful, strong and has so much meaning......, it was so wonderfully...

  • Britney spears "Glamour UK" Magazine

    21 septembre 2011 ( #Fashion & Style )

    Brit appeared fantastic on the Cover of "Glamour UK" magazine, her body looks amazing, and she looks sexy on those mini dresses, this black bress is so freaking beautiful , i love it and those boots ...WAW.....it fits perfectely with it !! i love the...

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